Why is an Argument Essay Important?


Why is an Argument Essay Important?

It is important to understand that while writing your academic essay, you are not the only person writing it. You will also have your teacher grading it. This means that both of you will have to write an argument essay whenever they assign it to you. Understand that even though writing an argumentative essay is quite straightforward, most students usually find it quite challenging, which means that they can only achieve good grades when given an academic essay instead.

This, then, means that it is usually in these essays that you will find most of the struggles students end up having. While it is true that an argumentative essay is usually quite demanding, understand that it will not be as hard as you think. The challenge that most students face when it comes to writing one is about the person they are writing the essay about. This means that even though the task will probably seem difficult at the start, it becomes very easy after you understand the type of person you are writing to. This is why understanding the kind of person you are writing to is so important when it comes to writing an argumentative essay. Understand that when it comes to writing, you only need to understand that the student is only writing for themselves. 

How to Compose an Argument Essay Like an Expert

In this section, we are looking to define the kind of student that you are going to be writing the argumentative essay to. Through this definition, it will then be easier for us to point out how you can effectively write your argument essay. This means that you have to understand how you are going to express your arguments. Here is the structure that you should follow in your argument essay:

  1. Title of the paper – Understand that while the first paragraph will be the introduction to your argument essay, the second and third paragraphs will contain the main body of your paper. Understand that it is therefore essential to make sure that you write a logical flow of your thoughts. Understand that you have to structure your points logically, i.e., always start with an idea and then proceed to support it with evidence. You should, therefore, make it your personal mission to ensure that you realize that you have to always prove your argument.
  2. An overview of your main argument – here, you need to show how your topic is relevant to your topic of study and what your aim is. Here, you are just giving a brief background to what the article is all about and also show the reader why you think it is so. Note that you do not have to explain the concept of your topic in detail. This means that you should not have a long explanation of what your topic is all about.
  3. A summary of the argument – Here, you are just making an attempt to carry out a counter argument. You do not need to prove your argument; instead, you are just giving an outline for your point to counter. Do not add any new information.
  4. Acknowledgement – this is where you take a moment to acknowledge the person or persons who had some input into your topic.

This structure is very important. The fact that we have defined your kind of student, we now know what to do to help them write their argumentative essays perfectly. When you understand the kind of person you are writing to, it becomes very easy to write a perfect article. 

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