Simple Guidelines on Writing a Concise APA Essay Format


Quick Guides for Writing Your Essay on Your Basis

Whether you are a business student, medical student, or require a nursing study topic, a well-written APA essay can benefit you by improving your academic performance. However, some students, when presenting their work, tend to include:

  • Substantive details that are too long and cannot be put down on a single page
  • Inaccurate measurements
  • Using abbreviations which others cannot read
  • Inflated words and phrases that should not be part of your writing
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Included filler words

Many APA topics tend to be too technical, hence a slow format to adhere to. If you want your APA essay to be informative and relevant, the trick is to start short, but write logically. When your reader progresses through the text, they will have good points about the topic. Therefore, here are some simple steps for writing an excellent APA paper.

Know the Entire Topic

A good topic is something that is exciting to you. If you want a research topic, do not write about something that sounds interesting. Look at a topic that intrigues you and can answer specific questions. Read many samples of such topics and learn the basics of composing a good topic.

Understand the Questions

Know the prompt that your teacher wants you to answer. It gives you a clue into what the paper should say about. Many students who write an APA essay correctly begin by defining the topic. After, formulating a topic thesis is a prerequisite. Do not write about something that is shallow. What you put down in the paper is what you will end up with. Find a fascinating topic and ask yourself the questions:

What is the purpose of the APA paper?

The main aim is to inform people about your study field and to show the reader your understanding on the specific topic. Write the main topic because it is the most significant piece and gives an overview of the paper.

Are you addressing a current topic?

Ensure you use a contemporary context for your subject in an APA paper. You can go back to the question and define the topic before. Include recent news and give reasons why it is relevant.

Are you comparing and contrasting?

The main aim of an APA paper is to inform the reader about existing content and present your opinion. So it is not comparable and contrasting. You have to have a contrasting position on the subject and the side that you consider. Divide the paper into paragraphs. Each paragraph should offer more information about the topic and summarize the main argument.

Put Down Your Top Lines and Summary Formulas

Your essay’s format should ensure that you put down the crucial ideas and then sum them up clearly. You should know the type of formula to use. Then include it in the paper without any explaining. You can use equations or common formats. Below is a specific format to use

  1. Describe the idea briefly
  2. State what the key points are
  3. State a thesis statement
  4. Summarize your key points

Structure matters when it comes to writing. Some lecturers will want a writing format that you have never heard of. Therefore, get familiar with the essential components of your essay. You can follow a checklist to get the basic structure right.

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