Business Plans and Essay Help Is this legal?


Yes. We are Ghost Writers, we just write. We are simply here to write down YOUR thoughts and make them sound professional.

Is it expensive?

No. The prices are set according to Statistics Canada. Our competitors are charging a bit more than we are. We decided that to be the best we certainly do not need to be the most expensive. Our overhead is quite small, so we are not in a rush to charge you extravagant prices.

This is the sort of prices you can expect from us:

  • Editing $40 to $100
  • Ghost Writing $0. 15 per word
  • Teaching/Instruction $40 per hour
  • Translation $0. 10 per word
  • Business Plans $0. 15 per word
  • Admissions Consulting First Consultation is free, $40 per hour for editing and $0. 25 per word
  • High School Credits $20 per hour with a minimum of 20 hours
  • Online Content $0. 20 per word
    Research $50 per hour

Is there a minimum or a maximum that I need to order?

No. You can order as little or as much as you want. We are here to provide you personalized services that will fit your needs and standards accordingly. What are your credentials?

I am a university graduate holding one Associate’s Degree in Criminology, one Bachelors Degree in Psychology, one Bachelors Degree in Culture and Expression (Sociology), one Honors Bachelors Degree in Psychology and one Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. I have over eight years of research experience. I have been published online through York University and awarded an Excellence Award. I have participated in many debate competitions and belonged to the York University Debate team at Osgoode Hall. I am a member of the Professional Writers Association Of Canada, England and the United States. I currently hold the position as best writer in the city of Maryland with over twenty articles published in the Owl Newspaper of Bowie, MD. I have written well over 20, 000 pages in the last 8 years.

How many writers do you have? And, what are they required to have in order to work at Toronto Creative Writing Services?

We currently have five writers, including myself. We have a process upon hiring that determines which writers are best suited to work at TCWS. We consider their academic background, grades, personality types, volunteer experience, educational level, extracurricular interests and lifestyle habits. We take into account all of these fields in order to assess how well suited they are to work at such a fast pace. Additionally, our motto is that we are all different and each one of us has a specific expertise which may be academic or social. Therefore, we use this to determine there level of intelligence and skill in the field of writing and researching.

What about plagiarism? How do you deal with this?

Since we are writers, we must always protect ourselves from using work that is not ours. Basically, we need to always be original and up-to-date with our writing skills. We use a website called www. writecheck. com. This website is a partnered website with Turnitin but it’s a student service. Writers can upload their words and see if it matches anywhere, if it does not, then you are good! If it does, there is some tweaking to do. I submit all the works from my writers and make sure that the customer receives a completely original copy.

What is the best way to get a hold of one of your representatives?

We are here to serve you 24/7. We speak Spanish, French and English, but we have writers from all over the world, I am sure one of us can help you if English is not your first language.

Do you have a Facebook Account?

YES. Under Toronto Creative Writing Services. We are there!

Do you have a direct address I can send you information that I believe to be confidential?

YES. Definitely. Leave your contacts in the form and I will answer you 24/7.

What is the best way to get a hold of you or anyone in your company?

Leave your contacts in the form and I will contact you

Thank you.

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